Fine, Kaplan and Black, R.P.C.


In Standard Iron Works v. ArcelorMittal, 639 F. Supp. 2d 877 (N.D. Ill.2009), the firm is co-lead counsel to a class of direct purchasers of steel products from the eight largest steel manufacturers in the United States. Fine Kaplan attorneys investigated and initiated the case on their own, without the assistance of a governmental investigation. They found evidence that the steel manufacturers coordinated production cuts in order to reduce the supply of raw steel in the market, thereby raising the prices of finished steel products, in contravention of federal antitrust law. The Fine Kaplan attorneys assembled a nationwide consortium of lawyers to work on the case, and they have been litigating it in federal court in Chicago since 2008. Fine Kaplan attorneys have played the leadership roles in every aspect of the case, including briefing, discovery, experts, oral arguments, evidentiary hearings, and settlement negotiations.

In 2014, the firm and its co-lead counsel achieved $164 million in settlements for the benefit of the class, with three defendants still remaining in the case. More about the settlements and the litigation can be found at the Steel Antitrust Litigation Settlement Website.